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Dial a Mum

Does it ever feel like you've hit a brick wall when you're trying to tackle projects around the house, especially if you've never done this before? When it comes to household projects or problem solving, you can always count on Dial-a-Mum.


I offer both an in person and virtual 1:1 service that provides clients with project support, direction, and instruction. No matter where you are on the planet, my personalized service is available to help you solve any non-emergency situation. Let’s work together to find the solutions that you need.

What to Expect


  1. Personalized Project Profile:  Upon receiving your form, I will create a list of tools you’ll need, source out materials/where to buy them near you and instructions to support you with your project/repair/maintenance. 

  2. Zoom Call: One hour face to face to discuss the matter at hand, go over the Personalized Project Profile, answer any questions, and empower you to go get the task done! 



  1. Upon receiving a call from you, I will email you a form, at which point you will be able to book a one hour onsite consult. 

  2. At your home: We will discuss the project at hand, go over the process for how to accomplish the task at hand. I will also recommend materials, where to get them locally, and the tools you’ll need.  You’ll be set to move forward with more confidence and understanding. 

Need a bit more help? 

DIAL-A-MUM 30 minute Sessions are available to Dial-a-Mum and Handy@Home Women Workshops hostesses.

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