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Dial-a-Mum Empower Hour Call

Virtual 1:1 service that provides clients with project support, direction, and instruction

  • 1 h
  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • Handy Mum Home Improvements

What to expect

Whether you have a project/task/repair/reno, I am available for a consultation/mentoring to assist you with this. Book a virtual session! Get empowered, get it done, feel like a Bad Ass Woman! During this process, you'll fill out a small questionnaire about the project you need help with. Then choose a date and time and book with me! In the meantime, I'll gather the information you'll need, and send you the procedures as well as a list of tools required so that we're all ready for the call! I look forward to empowering you, and teaching you the tricks of the trade. Love, Handy Mum.


This Liability Waiver (“Waiver”) is made and entered into by Dom Daviau (“Contractor”) and yourself ("Client") seeking advice. By purchasing a service request, you agree to the following: Client acknowledges that Contractor is providing advice regarding the contractor services requested by Client. Client understands and acknowledges that Contractor is not providing legal advice and is not a licensed attorney. Client acknowledges that Contractor cannot guarantee the outcome of any recommendation or advice given. Client releases and holds harmless Contractor from any and all liability, damages, and/or causes of action that may arise from any advice or recommendation provided by Contractor. This Waiver is binding on the parties hereto and their heirs, legal representatives, successors, and assigns. This Waiver is governed by the laws of the province of BC (where the contractor retains a legal business license) as the building/safety codes are different in each province, liability lies with the client/homeowner to do the necessary research to ensure safety/building codes are adhered to.

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